Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graffiti in Milano, Italy:

It may not always be classy in Italy but they get up for sure!!! Need I say more!? I think not!

Italian Men:

Guys -this is what all the men in Italy dress like. Its the new rage in Europe. Step your game up and go get some hot pink wigs!!! Hahahaha...kidding. Seriously though, this is a group of weird guys celebrating a Bachelor party in the streets of Milan where they all wear wigs and the groom wears an apron and a white sheet with a green wreath on his head (like the Romans) with a sign that said something with "chupito" and "donne" (chupito= shot/ donne=female, woman) basically said "free shot, women only"...Its cool, I know! The objective was to get the groom drunk by going around to random women and taking shots with them while all his friends cheered and took pics. If you're wondering if I took a shot with him you best believe I did! Hahaha. A shot of rum and pear juice. Cheers!


So let me tell you right now, this is gonna be a weird post...its regarding toilets. When I got to Germany I thought the whole toilet situation was weird. Not only because they dont call the entire bathroom a "bathroom" or a "restroom" but just "toilet" and the signs say "WC" rather than something more relevant...anyway, the whole flushing thing was weird. Its like a giant button on the wall above the toilet (in Germany, I mean). And then I went to Italy and VOOALA! yet another strange European toilet flusher: its just like the shower handles, (except you cant go from hot to cold or vice versa) you move it to the side and control how much water and for how long it runs...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm going, going, to, to, Italy, Italy...

RE: the title -of course, those of you familiar with Biggie Smalls know the song "Going Back to Cali"...and if you dont then here it is:

So I went to visit cousin Nono in Milan, Italy aaaaand AMAZING is pretty much the best word to describe my stay there. Man, Italy is bomb, I did not want to come back...the following are merely glimpses of my trip:

For more pictures check out my know the drill.