Thursday, July 8, 2010

Germany (4) vs Argentina (0)

First of all...
sorry dad! I know you were rooting for Argentina but when in Germany, do like the Germans!
(above) on our way to celebrate with everyone else in town...

(below) we made it! this is (not sure if Im spelling it correctly) Berliner Platz and its basically the town center where everyone gets together to drink, sing, scream, dance, be super german, etc., etc., and just celebrate the step closer that Germany is to the World Cup.
more pics in the bucket. Nevertheless, I was really disappointed in Argentina! I mean, WHAT THE HELL!? They were kicking major ass and suddenly they play Germany and couldn't score not ONE friggin' goal!!! That was crap. Whatever, Germany won, yay!

More pics of Italia:

below: the most delicious gelato and crepe combo i have ever eaten in my life!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Germany vs Ghana

Score: Germany-1, Ghana-0
Results: An amazing full-on CITY PARTY! hell yeah! This night was so cool to experience! If Germany wins on Sunday, when they play against England, then it is on and poppin'! THAT will for sure be WAY bigger than this celebration because Germany and England are like enemies in the fussball world. Anyway, enjoy the pics...

(tried my best to fix this one below)

As usual, the rest of the pics are on photobucket album "germany"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graffiti in Milano, Italy:

It may not always be classy in Italy but they get up for sure!!! Need I say more!? I think not!

Italian Men:

Guys -this is what all the men in Italy dress like. Its the new rage in Europe. Step your game up and go get some hot pink wigs!!! Hahahaha...kidding. Seriously though, this is a group of weird guys celebrating a Bachelor party in the streets of Milan where they all wear wigs and the groom wears an apron and a white sheet with a green wreath on his head (like the Romans) with a sign that said something with "chupito" and "donne" (chupito= shot/ donne=female, woman) basically said "free shot, women only"...Its cool, I know! The objective was to get the groom drunk by going around to random women and taking shots with them while all his friends cheered and took pics. If you're wondering if I took a shot with him you best believe I did! Hahaha. A shot of rum and pear juice. Cheers!


So let me tell you right now, this is gonna be a weird post...its regarding toilets. When I got to Germany I thought the whole toilet situation was weird. Not only because they dont call the entire bathroom a "bathroom" or a "restroom" but just "toilet" and the signs say "WC" rather than something more relevant...anyway, the whole flushing thing was weird. Its like a giant button on the wall above the toilet (in Germany, I mean). And then I went to Italy and VOOALA! yet another strange European toilet flusher: its just like the shower handles, (except you cant go from hot to cold or vice versa) you move it to the side and control how much water and for how long it runs...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm going, going, to, to, Italy, Italy...

RE: the title -of course, those of you familiar with Biggie Smalls know the song "Going Back to Cali"...and if you dont then here it is:

So I went to visit cousin Nono in Milan, Italy aaaaand AMAZING is pretty much the best word to describe my stay there. Man, Italy is bomb, I did not want to come back...the following are merely glimpses of my trip:

For more pictures check out my know the drill.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Frankfurt am Main:

Even though it has the highest crime rate in all of Germany and I probably should be more skeptical about prancing around so freely in such a city, I love Frankfurt at night...
and its alright during the day too! haha this pic was taken from across the river...
(below) the building on the left has a dark brown balcony, dont know if you can see it or not but thats where the German soccer team stands with their German flag while the entire main square is filled with soccer-crazy fanatics. I might also be there this year with my German flag chanting the Deutschland song :)

Frankfurt Mall:

Downtown Frankfurt is a lot like a mix of downtown LA and 3rd Street and Promenade in Santa Monica -if that makes any sense. Except Frankfurt has this amazing looking mall! It has something that looks like a black hole figured I wouldnt know how to explain it very well so I took pics for you guys!

So, this is the outside wall of the mall. This black hole looking design is right above the main entrance...
this is a really bad and dim inside view from the escalator...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

German Graffiti in Giessen:

Unfortunately, I have yet to find some good graffiti while walking around. Any decent work I've seen is typically spotted while on the train or bus, going too damn fast for me to take a picture. So, here is what I could take pics of while walking around. Germany, or at least Giessen, graffiti has NOTHING on LA street art...NOTHING!!!...and this includes murals.

Lost in another part of Giessen:

Man, look at that red brick building on the right side...what a beauty! I am such a sucker for red brick buildings! :)

Im not religious whatsoever but, oddly enough, most of the architecture I appreciate here is religiously symbolic; otherwise, churches/cathedrals. This one is in Giessen and I usually pass it on my way to the main station. Since I lost myself in the city and I stumbled upon it, I took some pics. More on photobucket.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Secret Garden Entrance:

Those of you who have seen the movie The Secret Garden are totally going to be jealous right now because I found the entrance to the secret garden. Yes, its true and I went in and everything. It was very nice but I found something a little unexpected... :o
A ROOSTER! Yes, a rooster...who wouldve thought, right!? Oh and a river too...

Die musik (the music)

Pardon in advance if this post offends you, these are not my intentions.

If you're not laughing at this picture right now, you have no soul. This was too funny! I totally was expecting something like this here -haha.

For more pics check out photobucket!
album: "Germany"
guest password: "germany1"


Ah, so when I went to Giessen yesterday I hit up some jewelry shop and found this awesome ring which I had to buy, of course! It was the ONLY one in the entire shop so dont ask me to also buy you one! haha...The pic underneath is of random shananigans I've adopted into my German room :)

Dear Jimmy,

I know you are just oozing with jealousy because I own these and you secretly want them in your life, on your legs! Mwahahaha!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, 2010:

I'm running out of clever titles! Damn it...anywho, today was a beautiful day! Remember how yesterday I said it was really warm? Well, today was warmer and even better because I got to go to Giessen again -as I predict I'll be doing quite often- I was able to walk around in a tshirt and leggings the entire day without being cold -wow! First time while being here. Oh and best part was I made friends today! Wooo! I'm on a roll. About time. Being a loner sucks, let me tell you! more pics including a salad I ate, a giant duck, buildings (of course) and a pic of me! :)

Toodles noodles!

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Bike:

I got this new handmade bike from a bum and it only cost me 2 euro, what a deal! I'm loving Germany.

For more pics check out my album "Germany", guest password "germany1"


The sun has finally graced us with its presence! Todays weather was perfect! Got to sit out on the beach chairs and play on my lunch outside (and weird German ice cream) on the patio and jump in the trampoline -jealous, arent you? :)

Happy Birthday, Arjang!

To a truly amazing person who was taken from us far too early in life:

If you have internet access, wherever you may be, I hope you see this post, Arjang.

Of course, I didnt forget that today is your 24th birthday. I'll bring you a green plant (not flowers, because I know you dont like them) as soon as I'm out in Hamburg -pinky promise. I miss you and love you more than you can imagine. Know that you live in my heart. Hope youre proud that I'm out conquering Germany now...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Arjango! beep boop. :)
Rest in paradise.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Phone Booths: