Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Italian Men:

Guys -this is what all the men in Italy dress like. Its the new rage in Europe. Step your game up and go get some hot pink wigs!!! Hahahaha...kidding. Seriously though, this is a group of weird guys celebrating a Bachelor party in the streets of Milan where they all wear wigs and the groom wears an apron and a white sheet with a green wreath on his head (like the Romans) with a sign that said something with "chupito" and "donne" (chupito= shot/ donne=female, woman) basically said "free shot, women only"...Its cool, I know! The objective was to get the groom drunk by going around to random women and taking shots with them while all his friends cheered and took pics. If you're wondering if I took a shot with him you best believe I did! Hahaha. A shot of rum and pear juice. Cheers!