Saturday, May 29, 2010

German Graffiti in Giessen:

Unfortunately, I have yet to find some good graffiti while walking around. Any decent work I've seen is typically spotted while on the train or bus, going too damn fast for me to take a picture. So, here is what I could take pics of while walking around. Germany, or at least Giessen, graffiti has NOTHING on LA street art...NOTHING!!!...and this includes murals.

Lost in another part of Giessen:

Man, look at that red brick building on the right side...what a beauty! I am such a sucker for red brick buildings! :)

Im not religious whatsoever but, oddly enough, most of the architecture I appreciate here is religiously symbolic; otherwise, churches/cathedrals. This one is in Giessen and I usually pass it on my way to the main station. Since I lost myself in the city and I stumbled upon it, I took some pics. More on photobucket.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Secret Garden Entrance:

Those of you who have seen the movie The Secret Garden are totally going to be jealous right now because I found the entrance to the secret garden. Yes, its true and I went in and everything. It was very nice but I found something a little unexpected... :o
A ROOSTER! Yes, a rooster...who wouldve thought, right!? Oh and a river too...

Die musik (the music)

Pardon in advance if this post offends you, these are not my intentions.

If you're not laughing at this picture right now, you have no soul. This was too funny! I totally was expecting something like this here -haha.

For more pics check out photobucket!
album: "Germany"
guest password: "germany1"


Ah, so when I went to Giessen yesterday I hit up some jewelry shop and found this awesome ring which I had to buy, of course! It was the ONLY one in the entire shop so dont ask me to also buy you one! haha...The pic underneath is of random shananigans I've adopted into my German room :)

Dear Jimmy,

I know you are just oozing with jealousy because I own these and you secretly want them in your life, on your legs! Mwahahaha!